Rabbi Eliezer Dimarsky is a spiritual leader of Heritage Russian Jewish Congregation

He grew up in Kyiv, Ukraine, which then was part of a Former Soviet Union. Because of the widespread antisemitism of that time he moved to Kaunas, Lithuania in 1981 where he received his master’s degree in computer science. Living in Lithuania Rabbi Dimarsky rediscovered his Jewish roots. He learned Hebrew language, Jewish history and religion. All of this was done in private since any connection to anything Jewish was punishable by jail.

In 1987 Rabbi Dimarsky moved to Israel to continue his religious studies.

In 1989 Rabbi Dimarsky moved again, this time to Chicago to study in prestigious Telshe yeshiva. After 9 years of study, he received his Rabbinic ordination and in 1998 founded Heritage: a congregation of Russian speaking Jewish emigrants.

Since its inception Heritage has grown into a vibrant community of close to 100 families. Heritage’s mission is to continue creating a welcoming, warm, and inclusive multi-generational community that follows the traditions of Judaism and helps reconnect people with their Jewish heritage that was denied to them in the Former Soviet Union.

We accomplish this goal through educational classes about the history and culture of Jewish people, religious services, trips to Israel. We provide services to any age: we conduct life cycle services like baby naming, bar mitzvahs, weddings, counseling visiting the sick and funerals, educational classes to students and young professionals, social events to singles and families.