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Shabbos information

for kiddush

This week's Torah chapter is Shelach Lecha

This Friday, June 28 Mincha will be at 8:15 PM

Candle lighting will be at 8:11 PM

Kiddush sponsorship for this week is available

Mincha on Shabbos, June 29 will be at 8:00 PM

Maariv will be at 9:21 PM

Shabbos ends at 9:31 PM

Date Parsha Kidush
May 25 Behar Reserved
June 1 Behukosai Reserved
June 8 Bemidbar Reserved
June 12 Shavuos I Reserved
June 13 Shavuos II Reserved
June 15 Naso Reserved
June 22 Beha`aloscha Reserved
June 29 Shelach Lecha Available
July 6 Korach Available
July 13 Chukas Available
July 20 Balak Available
July 27 Pinchas Available
August 3 Matos, Maseh Available
August 10 Devorim, Shabbos Chazon Available
August 17 Vaeschanan, Shabbos Nachamu Available
August 24 Eikev Reserved
August 31 Re`eh Available
September 7 Shoftim Available
September 14 Ki Seitze Reserved
September 21 Ki Savo Reserved
September 28 Nitzavim, Vayelech Reserved
October 3 Rosh Hashana I Available
October 4 Rosh Hashana II Available
October 5 Ha`azinu, Shabbos Shuva Available
October 17 Sukkos I Available
October 18 Sukkos II Available
October 19 Shabbos Sukkos Available
October 24 Shmini Atzeres Available
October 25 Simchas Torah Available
October 26 Bereshis Available
November 2 Noach Available
November 9 Lech Lecha Available
November 16 Vayera Available
November 23 Chaye Sarah Available
November 30 Toledos Available
December 7 Vayetze Available
December 14 Vayishlach Available
December 21 Vayeshev Available
December 28 Miketz Available
January 4 Vayigash Available
January 11 Vayechi Available
January 18 Shemos Available
January 25 Vaera Available
February 1 Bo Available
February 8 Beshalach, Shabbos Shira Available
February 15 Yisro Available
February 22 Mishpotim Available
March 1 Terumah, Shabbos Shkolim Available
March 8 Tetzavveh, Shabbos Zochor Available
March 15 Ki Sissa Available
March 22 Vayakhel, Shabbos Parah Available
March 29 Pekudei, Shabbos HaChodesh Available
April 5 Vayikra Available
April 12 Tzav Available
April 19 Shabbos Pesach Available
April 26 Shemini Available
May 3 Tazria, Metzora Available
May 10 Acharei Mos, Kedoshim Available
May 17 Emor Available
May 24 Behar, Behukosai Available
May 31 Bemidbar Available
June 2 Shavuos I Available
June 3 Shavuos II Available
June 7 Naso Available
June 14 Beha`aloscha Available
June 21 Shelach Available


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